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Meet The Team

dog drop-off



The inspiration for the company, Pear was constantly being left behind during family vacations. The name of the company is a combination of her name and a shade on the yellow-blue color spectrum. Dogs are able to see in yellows and blues especially well. Notably, cerulean.

Pear's favorite destination is Sarasota, FL


dog transportation

Zac Lee


Zac, a UCF graduate, is an avid traveler and animal enthusiast. He has explored much of the world and realized that the only thing missing was his dog, Pear. Establishing Cerulean Pear Pet Transportation, Zac made it his mission to ensure that every owner has the ability to be connected with their pet, no matter the destination. Zac personally oversees each trip, customizing everything from vehicle layouts to exercise breaks in order to ensure that your pet feels like they never left home.



Logistics Coordinator

Brian was born and raised in Central Florida. He attended UCF where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Brian has cared for animals his entire life including dogs, cats, birds, snakes, pigs, sheep, cattle, geckos, Guinea Pigs, Chameleons, Praying Mantids and he has even bred Bearded Dragons.

Brian currently has two dogs. A Retriever/Lab mix named Frank and a Texas Heeler named Gordie.


Randy, a retired Marine, hails from Detroit, Michigan. When he's not cheering on the hometown football team, Randy handles the finances at Cerulean Pear Pet Transportation. He also heads the communications division, ensuring that you are connected with your pet at all times during transportation.

Randy has two cats, Pablo and Boston. Their favorite destination is Mackinac Island, MI

Finance VP
Vice President

Dwight, a Hawaiian native, began working at Cerulean Pear in 2019 and is currently the VP of the company, spearheading military relations and helping our armed forces be reunited with their pets from overseas and across the country. 

Dwight is the perfect blend of professionalism and care, assisting over 1,600 animals safely reach their destination in all 50 states and 20+ countries. 

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